Paul Gauguin Tahiti, French Polynesia and the South Pacific

Paul Gauguin Cruises to to Tahiti, the French Polynesian and the South Pacific

Author James A. Michener once called Bora Bora "the most beautiful island in the world." Judge for yourself as you explore the exquisite Society Islands. Casting off from Tahiti, you'll call on the "Garden Island" - Huahine - and our own private paradise, Motu Mahana, before cruising into Bora Bora's stunning turquoise lagoon. You'll also visit Moorea, said to be the inspiration for Michener's Bali Hai, before returning to Tahiti, cherishing memories of an enchanting voyage aboard one of the world's most highly acclaimed ships.

Tahiti, French Polynesia and the South Pacific Available Cruises

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2018 Tahiti, French Polynesia and the South Pacific Available Cruises

Feb 2411m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$17,980$8,99050%
Mar 0710m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$16,980$8,49050%
Mar 177m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$15,180$7,59050%
Mar 247m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$15,180$7,59050%
Mar 317m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$15,180$7,59050%
Apr 077m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$15,180$7,59050%
Apr 1414m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$21,280$10,64050%
May 057m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$15,380$7,69050%
May 127m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$15,380$7,69050%
May 197m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$15,380$7,69050%
May 2611m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$17,980$8,99050%
Jun 0610m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$16,980$8,49050%
Jun 167m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$15,680$7,84050%
Jun 237m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$15,680$7,84050%
Jun 307m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$15,680$7,84050%
Jul 0711m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$17,980$8,99050%
Jul 1810m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$16,980$8,49050%
Jul 287m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$15,680$7,84050%
Aug 1114m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$21,280$10,64050%
Aug 257m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,680$7,84050%
Sep 017m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,680$7,84050%
Sep 0811m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$17,980$8,99050%
Sep 1910m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$16,980$8,49050%
Sep 297m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,380$7,69050%
Oct 067m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,380$7,69050%
Oct 137m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,380$7,69050%
Oct 2014m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$21,280$10,64050%
Nov 037m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,180$7,59050%
Nov 107m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,180$7,59050%
Nov 1711m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$17,580$8,79050%
Nov 2810m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$16,580$8,29050%
Dec 087m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $11,980$5,99050%
Dec 157m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $11,980$5,99050%
Dec 227m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,680$7,84050%
Dec 297m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,680$7,84050%

2019 Tahiti, French Polynesia and the South Pacific Available Cruises

Jan 057m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $14,080$7,04050%
Jan 127m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $14,080$7,04050%
Jan 197m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $14,080$7,04050%
Jan 2614m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$20,980$10,49050%
Feb 097m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,480$7,74050%
Feb 167m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,480$7,74050%
Feb 237m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,480$7,74050%
Mar 027m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,480$7,74050%
Mar 0911m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$18,280$9,14050%
Mar 2010m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$17,480$8,74050%
Mar 307m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,080$8,04050%
Apr 067m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,080$8,04050%
Apr 1314m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$21,780$10,89050%
Apr 277m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,080$8,04050%
May 187m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,080$8,04050%
May 257m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,080$8,04050%
Jun 017m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,080$8,04050%
Jun 087m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,080$8,04050%
Jun 1511m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$18,680$9,34050%
Jul 1010m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$17,880$8,94050%
Jul 207m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,380$8,19050%
Jul 277m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,380$8,19050%
Aug 0311m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$18,680$9,34050%
Aug 1410m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$17,880$8,94050%
Aug 317m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,380$8,19050%
Sep 0713m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to Latakia$20,580$10,29050%
Sep 2112m/s Paul GauguinLatakia to Papeete$20,280$10,14050%
Oct 0210m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$17,880$8,94050%
Oct 127m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,480$7,74050%
Oct 197m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,480$7,74050%
Oct 267m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $15,480$7,74050%
Nov 0211m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$18,280$9,14050%
Nov 1310m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$17,480$8,74050%
Nov 2314m/s Paul GauguinRoundtrip Papeete$21,780$10,89050%
Dec 077m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $12,780$6,39050%
Dec 147m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $12,780$6,39050%
Dec 217m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,380$8,19050%
Dec 287m/s Paul GauguinPapeete to $16,380$8,19050%

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